2019 / 09 / 12 ( Thu )

What’s Next in Music? I Showcase I Opening 2019

  • Durys: 19:00
  • Renginio pradžia: 20:00
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  • Bilieto kaina nuo: 8.00
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On the day of the event – tickets will cost 10 € each.

A significant part of WHAT’S NEXT IN MUSIC? is the showcase festival, happening on 3 evenings at 3 different stages: 2 in the area of LOFTAS FEST and 1 at TAMSTA CLUB.

Bright, intriguing and promising artists from Lithuania and other European countries present their music for the delegates of the conference and the local music lovers.

An invitation to perform at one of the WHAT’S NEXT IN MUSIC? stages means a great experience to share the music with a large audience, as well as the unique opportunity to get discovered by influential representatives of the European music industry: festival organizers, managers, record labels, agents and other professionals.

Enjoy the great OPENING NIGHT of the festival @TAMSTA CLUB! (N-18)

Thursday, September 12th:

20:00 shishi
20:45 Flash Voyage
21:30 Junior a
22:15 happyendless

Get Your tickets:

Table reservation: by phone +370 680 21 534, or e-mail club@tamsta.com.