2019 / 10 / 31 ( Thu )


  • DOORS: 19:00
  • Event starts: 21:00
  • Style: lo-fi | contemporary folk
  • TICKET PRICE: 8.00
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TABLE RESERVATION: by phone +370 680 21 534, or e-mail club@tamsta.com.

Music of Kabloonak is a safe haven for those who feel a bit too exhausted by the sharp pulse of the modern city life. It could be a shelter for those whose life currents are too fast and electrified. Not that Kabloonak is some sort of calm and silent lullaby-chanting fellow from an ancient forest. By no means. He himself went through all of it couple of times, got tired and started longing for it again. That’s why he sings embracing himself. Sensitive, poetic and maturely sarcastic bits of his music fit perfectly for a dance of two after sending off the last clients of a noisy bar. Not necessarily a slow one, but a dance of two. Because it doesn’t matter if it’s live or on a record, on a full volume or as a whisper, Kabloonak is absolutely and eternally about and for love.

Albums: „Piano out of tune“ (2016), „Kabloonak“ (2019)

Band Members:
Jonas Narbutas / Kabloonak (music, lyrics, vocal, guitar),
Šarukas Joneikis (bass guitar, backing vocal),
Mantas Joneikis (guitar, keys),
Alanas Gurinas (guitar),
Augustas Baronas (drums)